Hawking Penrose Singularity Theorems are Incorrect


These so called “singularity theorems” are incorrect because they use an incorrect connection symmetry. These are the so called “theorems” upon which Big Bang is based. They assert, quite wrongly, that there must be singularities which are physical, a contradiction in terms which should never even have been countenanced in physics. The Einstein field equation itself is based on the so called “second Bianchi identity”, which again assumed a symmetric connection. When the correct antisymmetric connection is used this identity no longer holds, it has torsion terms in it, and these will be written out in full in the forthcoming paper 139. These torsion terms are also mentioned by S. P. Carroll in chapter three of “Spacetime and Geometry – an Introduction to General Relativity” (Addison Wesley, New York, 2004). They are worked out in full detail for the first time in the books advertised on the ECE websites: notably the six volumes to date of M. W. Evans, “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory” (Abramis Academic, 2005 onwards).

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