Running Twelve Month Totals of Hits for ECE


The running twelve month total is steady at about 1.7 million hits a year, and has been at this level and more for six years, since the inception of ECE theory in 2003. This establishes ECE as the avant guarde physics. There is of course plenty of material on the old theory (standard physics) but it is obsolete. Much of it is mathematically incorrect (e.g. paper 139). The oldest (Newtonian) theory is correct but limited, and there are also limitations in the Maxwell Heaviside theory. The twentieth century from about 1930 onwards did not add very much to physics, it just introduced complexity. Quantum mechanics of the Schroedinger type is the highest achievement of the twentieth century, and that theory is a limit of ECE theory. Einsteinian general relativity is incorrect because of its use of an incorrect connection symmetry (see O level lesson one and paper 139) and ECE updates and corrects Einstein’s geometry. Relativity was introduced in the late eighteen eighties in discussions between my civil list predecessor Oliver Heaviside and George Francis Fitzgerald.

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