Two Schools of Thought


As in the note below the total of yearly hits for ECE is a steady 1.7 million, and was as much as about three million hits a year. A new method of measuring hits began this year. By any measure (see attached details) the interest in ECE is astounding for a theory of physics. We set three new records this year of individual number of visitors per month. The record is around thirty thousand individual visits in a month set in October 2009 (attached overview). So ECE has established its own intellectual authority, and directly challenges the old establishment in ideas, in publishing methods and education. This challenge is seen at its most direct point in the O level lesson one, where the illogicality of the old gravitational theory is pinpointed. That illogicality was a human (or anthropomorphic) CHOICE of a symmetric connection. That choice is incorrect and is dogmatic. A discussion in physics goes on for many years, sometimes for over a century, and this is what will happen with this question of the connection. The ECE School will use an antisymmetric connection, the remnants of the standard school will use a symmetric connection because it is doctrine, party line or dogma. If you want to be a scientist use logic.


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