Intellectual Authority of ECE Theory


This has been built up over nearly seven years since the first paper on ECE theory was written in Spring 2003. There are now 139 source papers and six volumes of M. W. Evans, “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory” (Abramis Academic, 2005 onwards). There are numerous educational documents by other scholars, who have carefully scrutinized the theory over a number of years. There are books on ECE by other scholars, and a film on the theory. The theory covers most areas of physics, and my primary aim is to extend it to cover as many areas of physics, chemistry and engineering as possible. I am currently working on flow dynamics in order to derive the complete Navier Stokes system from Cartan’s differential geometry using the simplest possible of hypotheses in line with Ockham’s Razor. There is unprecedented international interest in the two ECE websites. These are and (also called The attached documents summarize this level of interest over a number of years, thus establishing the intellectual authority of the theory de facto, through the fact that it is mainstream physics. So one can claim that ECE is the primary intellectual authority in new physics, in twenty first century physics, the first major advance in natural philosophy post twentieth century. The theory is astoundingly successful because it is simple, and because it is based on rigorously self consistent geometry. One of the many triumphs of the theory is that it gives the Dirac equation, and simplifies the Dirac equation. This gives the whole of quantum mechanics from geometry. The ECE theory introduces a higher topology into vector analysis itself, one of its many mathematical advances. It unifies the field equations of dynamics and electrodynamics, and extends them to self consistent theories of general relativity. So these successes attract the interest of essentially the entire world of science as we can see from the attached.



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