Seventh Vigier Symposium


I have taken over the organization of the Seventh Vigier Symposium as the original Co – Chairman, and future Vigier Symposia. The Seventh Symposium will be a small private symposium by invitation only and held at Craig y Nos Castle Hotel ( , published by Abramis Academic. It will be a workshop dedicated to ECE theory with invited participants only. New energy, energy saving and counter gravitational devices will be demonstrated before the invited participants. The original plans for the Sumposium to be held in London were completely disrupted by Waldyr Rodrigues, who will be banned from participating henceforth in any Vigier Symposium and whose e mailing will be ignored by all invited participants. Richard Amoroso resigned in protest at Rodrigues’s outrageously offensive conduct (see following postings). I founded the Symposia with Stanley Jeffers in 1995. Vigier immediately accepted the B(3) field from which ECE theory emerged. Craig y Nos Castle was the home of my ancestor Morgan Morgan, who sold it to the great operatic virtuoso Adelina Patti. This will be an informal symposium held in a friendly atmosphere in very pleasant surroundings.


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