Strong Objections to the Mynydd y Gwair Proposal


I will object in the strongest possible terms to the Mynydd y Gwair appeal to the Assembly (see attached) because there is no global warming, (there is global cooling), and because carbon dioxide does not cause runaway global warming as is very well known by now. About 95% of the local electorate have been opposing this development for some years, it is designed simply to make a lot of profit for an absentee land owner, the Duke of Beaufort, whose right to the land is merely hereditary and feudal and wholly undemocratic. I objected strongly to the original proposal, and have been objecting to these plans for about fourteen years in hundreds of e mail messages and blog postings. I have been in constant communication with Mark Duchamp and lately with Senator Fielding of Australia, who attended Kyoto. There was no agreement at Kyoto and the US Senate is blocking the proposed carbon taxation based on a completely incorrect theory. Similarly there is heavy and increasing opposition to Kyoto all over North America and Europe.

Evans of Glyn Eithrym,
British Civil List Scientist


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