Mynydd y Gwair Planning Objection Form


To whom it may concern

I request anyone anywhere in the world who is concerned with basic freedom and democracy to fill out one of these forms and return it to Cardiff either by mail or by e mail. A civil court injunction may also be taken out by all parties combined against this greed ridden assault because it is unlawful. It will completely destroy a unique ecology ( for no reason except that of human greed. There is no global warming, carbon dioxide does not cause runaway global warming, and on a cold windless winter’s day, wind turbines would not generate the warmth of a single coal fire. This form does not bother to use my earned titles of Professor and Gentleman, and did not even bother to use the Welsh language, that of half the people here in Mawr, and my own native language. Even minor damage of the environment is prohibited by Swansea Council by laws, so why is complete destruction being touted so arrogantly? The answer is the crazed greed of an absentee landowner, David Somerset Duke of Beaufort working in collaboration with a foreign company.

Professor Myron Wyn Evans, Gent., B. Sc., Ph. D., D. Sc. (Wales) of Glyn Eithrym,
British Civil List Pensioner in Science,
President Alpha Institute for Advanced Study.


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